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What if your credit card payment is refused?

f your credit card payment is refused the transaction is nearly always rejected by your own credit card issuer. Most of the time the failure is due to one or more of the following causes:
  • You have not entered your name as it is known by your credit card company (e.g., spelling of your first name, omitting or inserting extra initials or middle names, omitting or inserting titles)
  • You have not entered your postcode and address as it is known by your credit card company (e.g., you used your work address instead of your private address)
  • You have not entered your CVV/CVC code or an incorrect one
Many of our members give us their work address, which is interesting for us because it tells us something about you and your work. When you submit the FEL registration, order or subscription form to our registration system your contact details are transmitted to WorldPay as they are shown on the FEL form, i.e. often with your work address.

Once you have arrived at the WorldPay transaction form you can see them, and you can correct them if they don't match with your name and contact details as your credit card company knows them.

When WorldPay contacts your credit card company to ask for authorization of the payment they will send them your name and address. If there are too many mismatches between what WorldPay sends and what your credit card company knows about you, the transaction will be refused.

If everyting fails ...

Just in case you can't make the credit card payment work we recommend you to use a SEPA transfer if you have a bank account in the European Economic Area, or to use Wise.com to make your payment if you live elsewhere. We strongly recommend to avoid international bank transfers as bank charges tend to be outrageous, and we request you to pay them.